Otto Körner-Award

(Formerly Johannes Zange-Price)

By Otto Körner-Award of the North German Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery, the author of an outstanding and forward-looking publication or promotion should be assessed, which is published within the last two years before the respective annual meeting in an internationally recognized journal or at a University in the catchment area of ​​the regional company and successfully from a faculty of medicine (a medical department accepted) was graded.

The work should address issues of multiple of Otolaryngology. At the evaluating publication of scientific career of the author / the author are his / her previous list of publications and, if necessary, a letter from the clinic director, in which the work was made, attached to the documentation. The dissertation to be evaluated are the doctoral certificate, a CV and possibly a letter describing the scientific supervisor (“doctor father”) attached. The documents shall be provided in an electronic version. The application for the advertised price should be accompanied by a presentation application for the annual meeting, is in the scheduled on the subject of the published work or the dissertation. The prize is awarded annually during the opening or the General Assembly of the Congress and will amount to a sum of 1,000 €. The awarding of the prize of the respective Board of Norddeutsche Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery decides. Exceptionally, the price can also be shared. Proposals for the award of the prize should until 28 February of the year in which Congress / the acting chairman of the Society by the author of the work or the Promotion itself or be submitted by a member of the North German Society of Otorhinolaryngology and cervicofacial surgery.
For life and work of Otto Korner: Informations 2011.

2014: M. Schimmer, Frankfurt/Oder


Previous Johannes-Zange-Prizewinners:

1995:  O. Kaschke, H.-J. Gerhardt, K. Böhm, M. Wenzel, H. Planck; Berlin

1997:  A. Haisch, O. Schultz, C. Perka, – V. Jahnke, G. R. Burmester, M. Sittinger; Berlin

1998:  Sabine Penk; Magdeburg – Katrin Kracik; Leipzig

1999:  C. Matthias, V. Jahnke, P. Hand, – A. A. Fryer, R. C. Strange; Berlin, M. Fuchs; Leipzig

2000:  J. Oeken, A. Lenk, F. Bootz; Leipzig

2001:  St. Dommerich; Rostock

2002:  Saskia Rohrbach; Göttingen – J. Rudolf; Magdeburg

2003:  Constanze Ondruschka; Magdeburg – T. Stöver; Hannover , D. Beutner; Dresden

2004:  Christiane Motsch; Magdeburg – J. Ebmeyer; La Jolla (Kalifornien)

2005:  St. Lang; Lübeck – M. Diensthuber; Hannover, S. Ertongur, B. Mack, K. Wosikowski, – B. Mühlenweg, O. Gires; München

2006:  M. Hoffmann; Kiel – M. Sanchez-Hanke; Hamburg

2007:  M. Ellies; Göttingen – T. Just; Rostock

2008:  T. Görögh; Kiel – M. Neudert; Dresden

2009:  M. Herzog, Greifswald

2010:  Anke Leichtle; Lübeck, C. Bergmann; Essen , M. Diensthuber; Frankfurt am Main

2011:  M. Laudien; Kiel, A. Meyer; Göttingen

2012:  M. Canis; Göttingen, Marja Loderstedt; Magdeburg[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]