Rhinoplasty Video-Symposium

“Specialization is the way to perfection”

Dear colleagues,


Dr. Milos Kovacevic

rhinoplasty is an increasingly popular operation with a very diverse range of patients seeking aesthetic and functional improvement. Within Facial Plastic surgery it is acknowledged as the the most complex operation which is difficult to master.

Modern rhinoplasty and septal surgery is constantly evolving -from a 30 minute routine  operation 30 years ago to a detailed precise and individually tailored procedure today.

Modern technology continues to drive the innovations in this type of surgery- with the goal to reduce complications eg revision surgery, promote stable and faster healing and to facilitate happy patients.

Technology has also accelerated our understanding and the ‘institutional  learning’ whereby techniques and new standards can be demonstrated and adopted.

The dynamic teaching by using Multiple videoclips, structured panel discussions,edited surgery and scientific presentations means that relatively inexperienced surgeons can gain cutting edge knowledge now much more quickly.

The Hamburg Group look forward to welcoming  you to share our combined experience and hopefully interact with us in this exciting atmosphere of modern rhinoplasty surgery.






Milos Kovacevic